Our Project Passed 60% in 9 days!!!


We are so blown away and pumped about all of the support from you, our La Petite Sophie community. We never expected to reach 60% of our goal so fast!!! Please keep the messages and comments coming, we love hearing from you.




Anyone who pledges $49 or more will now also get a Pack of S’mores, along with the rest of their reward.  All previous backers of $49 or more will get this too 🙂


Just look at our gooey soft fluffy scratch made marshmallows, melted to golden brown perfection over a camp fire. Sandwiched between 2 of our homemade deep molasses flavored graham crackers, and just dripping with melted rich dark Chocolate. Don’t you want one? http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1900262614/pastry-of-the-year-food-and-wine-magazine-2012


8 thoughts on “Our Project Passed 60% in 9 days!!!

    • We are going to post it so you will get to see for sure!! Thanks for the interest and excitement. We will be doing Pecan Tart with Sour Cream Ice Cream on TV. Did you see the video on Kickstarter of me making Kouign Amann?

      • I just watched the video along with my boyfriend. My boyfriend does most of my photography on my website. I actually wanted to do a pledge for my very own Kouzounas Kitchen. I am putting together a business plan, as I am looking for a commercial kitchen, but I would much rather build my own kitchen. Do you like kickstarter? I just pledged as well. 🙂 Sorry I couldn’t do more, but I am trying to save my money for my very own kitchen. Great to see you guys doing good, and I wish you all the very best. I have been doing much research on finding a commercial kitchen these days, and it is tough.

      • Crap!! I just wrote a long note and I think it got erased. Your boyfriend takes great photos! You guys are a good team. What did you think of the video? Thank you for the pledge! We know that dollar was full of love and well wishes. Every little bit helps. That is awesome you are building your own kitchen. I have a lot of experience buying equipment, if you need any advice just ask. The oven we are getting rocks, I have used one a lot before and it is like 1/10th the cost of a big commercial oven and is super versatile. Kickstarter has been great, I can now see why Stanford has a class solely dedicated to kickstarter in their program. It has been a great crash course in business, marketing, & PR. You should do one. Ill give you tips of things that help if you decide to do one.

        -J Bec

      • Lol, I know how that is. I write to reply on here, and sometimes it deletes it. :/ Anyway, yes You are my inspiration to actually make a video and do the kickstarter. I am seeing the go fund me more often these days, and now kickstarter. My boyfriend and I loved your video!!! Who made your video, if you don’t mind me asking? Very cool concept. I have been cooking for over 7 years and I always wanted my very own commercial kitchen. I might need some help in regards to buying equipment. As of right now, I am having to find a commercial kitchen to rent in Sacramento for a big event coming up in November, which I just need huge ovens. Maybe you know of something in this area? Please feel free to add me on facebook along with skype. You can find me at tina24ca, and facebook is https://www.facebook.com/kouzounaslive

        Can’t wait to see you on tv!!!! 🙂

      • Funny you asked, I did the whole video by myself. I am so glad the two of you liked it so much. Do you have a 240 volt outlet for your Washer or Dryer?

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